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Terror in Paris, the battle between terrorists ending tragic!

Terror  in Paris, the battle between terrorists ending tragic!
An important learning lesson for the world.

By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta
Intellectual freedom and expression part of the creativity that needs to be protected. Adherents view of liberal democracy struggle to protect freedom of speech in expressing him or herself. Freedom of speech is a sign of democracy that allow
s personal opinion and the group could be discussed in a public space. When his/her opinion must be defended, openly carried through in-depth discussion. Sometimes the defense delivered while mocking, laughing and insulting. Practice delivery extremes like this could lead to conflicts in the public sphere. Especially when actions expression occurs as a representation of social reality that is not balanced. Vulgar opinion may be supported by the dominant culture that needs to be defended by using defense materials that marginalize, discredit other communities. When resistance to discourse can not be established, then the act of violent defense becomes a reason to defend the insulted pride.

Currently the world is divided because, the world in which the spirit of freedom (liberte), equality (egalite) and fraternity (fraternite) that exist in the French national anthem, "La Marseillaise" as the motto of democracy as if it
is being shaked.  France after terrorists killed 12 journalists and cartoonists of the magazine Charlie Hebdo for reasons of insulting the prophet of Islam, Muhammad SAW, what will change?  The violence was triggered because satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo use the protection of freedom of expression in the form of a cartoons to make the prophet Muhammad SAW, as a satire. The killers, who are the France citizens called terrorists moreover after there is recognition of the Al-Qaeda network was behind the attacks claimed the killings of prominent journalists and cartoonists from Charlie Hebdo. According to me, the term terrorist, not only addressed to the killers, but also those who killed who use freedom of speech to the professionalism of the expression of art to kill the characters of believers from different religions.

Citizen relations in social life in Paris became a challenge, as the relationship between the majority and minority. After the tragedy of the murder of the journalist, the world witnessed a fundamental problem in relation fellow citizens. Islam developed in France as part of the diversity in France, the number of adherents of approximately 4% of the total population who consider themselves Catholics (51%), 30% agnostic, 3% Protestant, and 1% respectively to convert to Judaism and Buddhism. Religion in France must adapt to the ideology of
 laïcité set out in the Act of 1905 relating to the separation between church and state. In essence, public policy visible in public space, supported by the state must be sterilized from the influence of religion. Religion is a personal space that can only be impacted in private behind the walls of religious institutions and congregations.

Muslims in France are those from the former colonies, from North Africa, such as Algeria, Morocco and a small part of Turkey. The influence of French Algeria to the actual life of a very large form a new habit pattern in the way of food processing brighter because colored vegetables adorn the French culinary expression. Its influence is also seen in the use of geometric art with a touch of beautiful and magnificent architecture. The requirement for French-speaking citizens and adapt to the way of life of French culture, led to the immigrants who entered the French brought their culture to jointly build the French culture which emphasizes the
detail expression to reveal the purity of beauty.

But in expressing his
or her work, a citizen has to release his or herself from religion so that it looks merely human kind with rationality that makes it independent in thought and expression. A long philosophical tradition starting from Descartes, has produced a view of the separation of powers between religion and state (Montesquieu), where the power is in the hands of the people (Jean-Jacques Rousseau). Humans in itself is a source of strength to negotiate mutual relations of power for the sake of living together without being controlled by religious influences infiltrate the noble status of a person. Foundation of morality coexisting available in the free will of human kind him or herself. The philosopher Voltaire dag view of human independence in fulfilling the rights of civil society related to equal treatment before the law and freedom of religion.

As a country with a Catholic majority, the French look different
ly in operating the role of religions in the country. Hierarchical Catholicism controlled directly from the Vatican is the only influential territories around the policies and culture of the church. Discussions about the use of religious symbols in public spaces, such as schools, more exciting in France because of the efforts of moslem students wearing “hijab” to go to their school in  2004. Then beginning in 2010, a law was introduced to ban the  usage of religious symbols such as "hijab", crucifix and turbans publicly.  Although the Declaration of Human Rights and the citizen, which is set in 1789 include freedom of religion, but 
the country is free from the intervention of religion in public policy making.

Removal of blasphemy law in France occurred in  1791, but on July 29, 1881 set rules that ensure freedom of the press and of speech was  issued. Article 24, 32, 33 of the regulations governing the prohibition of press freedom publicly reporting derogatory, hate, hurt and humiliate individuals or groups of themselves or different. A French comic writer, M'bala M'bala penalties for violating the rules. He was accused of insulting the Jewish religion. Although the trend of using religious symbols become a commodity of the artist - journalists to sell as a source of inspiration to think and to laugh at as shown by Charlie Hebdo cartoonists which are free from the grip of press freedom laws. The reason is a carton satire of religious symbols departs from the freedom of thought.

Context and history of satire magazine Charlie Hebdo which produces prophet Muhammad cartoons published several times and has received criticism of Muslims from around the world.  French people also feel the government's policy contains a "double standard". It turns out that social sanctions without legal sanction violence led to the birth of the Islamic group in France who have long felt insulted their religion so gather the strength to attack the building magazine Charlie Hebdo and killed journalists, famous cartoonists who were in a meeting. Then there has been the recognition of the Al Qaeda network about their support behind the murder tragedy attack that killed 12 people. By the world community of this attack is known as a terrorist attack. Seeing the chronology of the efforts of journalist - cartoonists to publish the works of those who insult other religious symbols, then they even this should be called  terrorists.

Freedom of expression has robbed the sanctity of religious symbols to cast just a commodity that can be shown publicly.
  They are not charged by the rules set out in 2010 in France on the negation of the use of religious symbols in public spaces. Cartoons as the work of thinking is taken of the influence of religious identity politics. In fact, in my opinion, religion is used as a symbol of the art products like the cartoons still indicates a non religious political identity to hostage  religious signs triggering defense reactions of those who destroyed their religious identity.  When press freedom laws relating to the prohibition of anti-hatred news delivery can not be enforced, the law of 2010 products at reasonable should also take action against journalists and cartoonists in sequence from within a few years produce cartoons which insulted Muslims in France.  The law that is not applied fairly, can make fellow French citizen of powerless groups who are disadvantaged,  eventually mess up order of the public sphere by acting vigilantly. True said in the Scriptures "paid tooth for a tooth". Intellectual terrorism ultimately fared passage before the religious terrorists is a source of teaching the world to do justice to all its citizens.

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Jakarta gives Jokowi to Indonesia, please! Critiquing Ahok: Logic SARA Misleading!

Jakarta gives Jokowi to Indonesia, please!
Critiquing Ahok: Logic SARA Misleading!
By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Still fresh in my feeling  a vibration election of the Governor and Vice Governor  in Jakarta on 20 September 2012. I ever wrote for my blog titled  “Indonesiaku  Indonesianmu  Indonesia untuk semua”,  the election brought back the coolness of democracy that has been long dead.  Jakarta’s Governor Election hopes to bring back democracy in Indonesia. When it happened, the escalation of SARAl issues towered.  SARA stands for tribes (“suku”),  religions (“agama”), racial (“ras”) and between groups (“antar golongan).  A muslim, Jokowi holded his run mate, a christian, Ahok.  Society was not confounded their heart, not wavering because PDIP handed the party of Gerinda, to  compete against Fauzi Bowo and Nara who were supported by Party of Democrat and other parties as the prominent Democrat’s leader  said all parties supported  them(Republika,  July 21, 2012). At the time,  SARA became a bomb to destroy the governor candidate and vice governor candidate  carried by only two parties which were PDI-P and Gerinda. Although racial issues aggressively hit the election of governor and deputy governor, Jokowi, a muslim who took Ahok  a Christian even were  elected by the citizens of Jakarta.

SARA storms cause Jokowi  as the elected Governor had began to continue to have the political education for the citizens of Jakarta as a Pancasila society that  are becoming the goals together in Indonesia.  Pancasila is the Indonesian ideology that contains five prinsiples of living before God, people of Indonesia for justice and prosperity.  When Jasmine Zulkifli Susan Ward was elected to the head of village in Lenteng Agung in South Jakarta that brought her to be rejected by the people due to her Christian religion,  Jokowi  then  proposed a dialogue with the public that has changed their perception to accept her  as their Lurah. Lurah is the Indonesian world to name the head of village.

Last night we discussed in my timeline on Facebook on the notion that I am writing now. I was happy to raise  the progress reality of pluralism practices that have effected   Jakarta but then also being destroyed now by political minorities as understood as SARA used by  Ahok  as the acting Governor of Jakarta and Prabowo Subianto, who is the  presidential candidate supported by Gerinda and several other parties.  News publised by  Tempo struck me as I read it faraway from my country.  The online news of Tempo, date of June 17, 2014 gives  the title “Elektabilitas Jokowi Turun di Jakarta, Kata Ahok” (Electability of Jokowi down in  Jakarta, Said Ahok)which was  published to coincide with the banners spreading around the areas that written : "Jokowi tetap gubernur, pilih number 1" (Jokowi remain governor, select number 1) as reported by Detikcom and other electronic media.

I commented  to the virtual world community, that minority politics being played by Ahok showed deterioration of Jakarta, because the achievement has been further advanced seen at the case of Lurah  Susan discussed above.  Ahok himself involved in the policy lead by governor of Jokowi r for official placement as a public servant is not based on religion, race, but the capacity (right person in the right place). Ahok has used his minority statues to support the interests of his party, Gerinda, which nominated Prabowo became president of Indonesia. So actually Ahok is destroying the ideals of Pancasila as better serve the interests of his party than his country, Indonesia which he fought as well a by his own party.

These banners are spreaded out to be carried out by some people of Jakarta can be seen as  a smear campaign. Why are these new banners appeared now after the second presidential debate held in June 15, 2014? Why did they not show up when official letter  delivered  by the officers of the Interior Ministry directly to Jokowi  at his official  governor  home? The letter was signed by the President  of SBY on the notion of  Jokowi’s temporary dismissal as governor of Jakarta until the official announcement made by the National Election Committee of the acting President and Vice President.  The letter of presidential decree (“Keppress”) which  was signed on May 31, delivered directly to Jokowi dated June 1, 2014.

By looking at the chronology of Jokowi’s suspension as the governor of Jakarta, is very clear to me, that the acting governor of Jakarta, Ahok as state officials was toying with racial issues aimed for his own benefit and also broke the effort of Indonesian implementation  already established by the governor, Jokowi. It is a form of black campaign for including the word of governor to be put together with Jokowi whereas apparently the acting governor is Ahok. As a guard of  Indonesia from deliberating efforts of a rogue  to solve the nation's use of SARA, I beg “Bawaslu” (Badan Pengawas Pemilu – the Election watchdog council) to crack and to degrade these banners.

The honeymoon of PDIP-Gerinda  as though it's over.  Jokowi’s candidacy, the governor of Jakarta as a candidate for president of Indonesia 2014-2019 period carried by PDIP, Nasdem, Hanura, PKB  turns out to be separated from the running  partner,  deputy governor Jokowi, Ahok supported by Gerinda.  Jokowi’s candidacy for president is paired with Jusuf Kalla as his running mate faces with Prabowo Subianto as the presidential candidate with Hatta Rajasa as vice presidential candidate whose supported gained from Gerinda,  PPP, PAN, PKS,  PBB  which are all muslim parties. To conduct the campaign period, Jokowi must do the leave and has received a letter of suspension as described above.

So Indonesia is in the global spotlight this time. Elections for president and vice president for the period 2014-2019 will be held on July 9, 2014. Commencing on June 4 to July 5, 2014, both sides candidates for president and vice president are conducting a campaign to explain to the community on the vision and mission of each each to be supported by citizens throughout Indonesia.  Their campaign are very exiciting.  Each candidates  must meet with constituents throughout Indonesia. During the periode of campaign the General Election  committee has orgzanied  5 times of presidential debates.  

But the campaign to use racial issues showed immature Indonesian citizens in carrying a democracy. Ahok as appropriate officials of Jakarta Governor  has to be reprimanted by Election Wacthdog Council because the election law stated that as the governmental  officers  are prohibited from campaigning. Ahok who  gave his statement in Tempo, was not carried out  as a member of  Gerinda but as an  official government person who serves to all the people of Jakarta. The revelation of a covert campaign should be reprimanded by the Election Watchdog Council (Bawaslu). If Ahok campaign would have to resign from the acting governor as provided in the Election Law that has been done by Jokowi.  it's very important for Indonesian people to understand about Indonesian politics that aims to serve the nation and the state not to divide and to break the relationship of people.

Although the electibility of Jokowi has decreased as said by Ahok, which I see as a covert way of campaigning, but in my opinion, Jakarta is only  Indonesia. Indonesia is in 32 other provinces that have their calculations rights because Indonesian election  does not use the same voice electoral system like in the United States.  Therefore Jakarta should  release Jokowi for  Indonesia.

 Indonesia needs Jokowi to build the nation and the country to the right path that is not just for the sake of power and greed of politicians. Jokowi candidature will not just a choice of  Megawati Soekarnoputeri as the head of party PDI-P but he was chosen by Indonesian people. Jakarta, could not stop Indonesia for getting her best son to lead this country.  Did Gerinda disappoint to DPI-P because it does not support Prabowo Subianto as the presidential candidate?  So it is now clear, racial politics played to win Prabowo Subianto who just commented on the Eastern Indonesian people suppose to fit becoming   soldiers!  About this I will discuss in a separate article, but the two leaders, both Ahok and Prabowo  Subianto have played around with SARA to divide our nation. Do they deserve to be a public service for people in Jakarta and Indonesia?  


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Closing the date of May 20th, 2014, Tickling Prabowo's responsibility!

Closing the date of May 20th, 2014 , Tickling Prabowo’s responsibility !
By Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta

sky lies behind blackened trees. Night was coming through darkness falls from the sky only about 8.30 PM. My heart is troubled. I have not been writing for my blog, "Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua" for some time. The same posts can also be read in the English on the blog, PIZZA. But just tonight, I am back dancing of my fingers on this keyboard. I used to think my words would be dry out because the verbalization of art I am doing in the form of sculpture and painting has taken my energy. I have been doing artwork on the theme of Papua for several months. I should share later about these amazing experiences that have happened with me. Actually I have shared in the form of making my comment on my status at my FB but would be nice to read it as an integrated piece.

Just this evening a very deep anxiety turnovers my assumption about the left brain that controls the creative art process. Perhaps the boundary between the left and right brain become thinner when I know the artwork is just a tool to voice concerns. My anxiety is a concern. Right! The anxiety as the evening comes to seize the light. Let me enjoy the day that began the duration longer in the spring than in the winter.

Concentrated night lurking outside . I let the fresh air infiltrating from below the window but invited the night to stay outside . Night vigil with tiny white flowers which in German is called " meiglockchen " . A friend of mine , Aurita living in Germany a few days ago to share stories about meiglockchen  and her family . Now meiglockchen fragrance with fresh air entry into the house . Three-pieces of " meiglockchen " had already been there in a vase on the dining table . I plucked and decorated it for our dinner . But not because " meiglockchen " I am writing now . Why in the middle of the fragrant scent I smell the corpse flower ? What's up with the fragrance itself? 

Today, on May 20, 2014 here in Boston, in Indonesia is May 21st, but still a few hours left before the date of May 20 backward switch to 21st? What did my brothers and sisters in Indonesia to celebrate a special date, 106 years of National Awakening Day and 16 years of the Reformation Movemen. Today, people can reflect on what was happening 16 years ago but with a very ironic we also see ourselves, that Prabowo Subianto who had the responsibility to kill  people in the Reform movement in the same month in May 1998, 16 years later being steps to prepare for entering to the State Place. We are thrilled to see Prabowo's ambition to become the president of Indonesia. Whereas 16 years ago as Pangkostrad, he was responsible for the violence that occured in Jakarta such as rape of Chinese women,  Trisakti shootings which previously followed the abduction of university students.

Kompas dated December 18, 2012, wrote about the recognition of Prabowo who regreted not doing coup to the President Habibie. Prabowo's words justified by Habibie, which illustrates that the movement of the army entered the area of Kuningan and headed toward the National Palace. In the book titled "Detik-Detik Menentukan" written by BJ Habibie (2003), Wiranto was mentioned to whom gave the input to Habibie about the movement of military force to the State Place. Habibie then hold a meeting on May 22, 1998 at the State Palace with Prabowo. During the meeting, Habibie fired Prabowo with the argument to dismiss because Army troops entered to the authority area without permission.

So my anxiety is actually related to the fate of Indonesia who seems drugging to make them easier for allowing a former human rights violations to be the future of Indonesian president. Jakarta Post's article written by Aboeprijadi Santoso during a visit to the village Kraras which is approximately 300 meters from the city of Dili in Timor Leste, where the massacre occured toward unarmed civilians at the behest of President Suharto, who was supported by terraces oficials of Army, Benny Murdani, Wiranto, Syaknakri and Prabowo. But Prabowo with his  troops of Chandraka 8 who did the extermination of the 287 people on September 17, 1983. Mass murder was considered the right thing because Indonesia saw the movement of Timorese people to self-determination as a separation effort from Indonesia. Attached posts of Aboeprijadi Santoso.

In the same article in Kompas, dated in December 18, 2012, explained that Prabowo accepted the dismissal of President Habibie as understood about the ultimate power of the president over the armed forces. Being President is the final step of Prabowo to gain the ultimate power, including the armed forces. The history of human rights violation that occured  in the war between Indonesia and Timor Leste is almost forgotten by the people in Indonesia. But in the history of East Timor war, ordinary people in Timor Leste still remember it. The same thing happened with the history of Reform Movement that was 16 years old. People do not forget Prabowo as partly responsible for the military's violence that occured to civil society. The violence that occurs throughout Indonesia, there is a connection with the conspiracy of the elite who play around with racial issues to crush its own people Who should be responsible? Obviously, Prabowo is one of them!

I am writing this anxiety because Indonesia believes that every person has a conscience to reject violence committed in the name of the state against ordinary citizens. Violence of the state is done to serve the interests of the state which is regarded as so controling people's lives to perish them. But I also believe, people are increasingly mature and without fear of attemting to understand what is going on with the nation. This note is an antidote to help us all aware of the poisoning that are ingested accidentally. Writing an antidote aims to encourage people themselves to use their inner conscience in selecting a presidential candidate. One chooses the president, meaning people permit such Prabowo to revise our history without acknowledging the truth about what he had done to the nation and his people.


Rabu, 19 Februari 2014

Condolences and support the demands of the Tribal Council of Paniai

 Condolences and support the demands of the Tribal Council of Paniai
By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Petition of Homeland Citizen to Papua

We would like to convey our condolences to the Tribal Council and members of the community in Paniai over the tragic death of a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia named Julian Yeimo . His body was found dead in the river Bontai , Dagouto village , East Paniai District . His body  allegedly killed and then dumped into the river . The wounds are found in the nose , chest , face and scratches on several places on the chest . The reasons are unclear but the murder was allegedly killed by unknown assailants ( Persons Unknown ) . On August 18, 2012 , Julian Yeimo tortured by military officers for allegedly tore the flag . According to news released by the Tribal Council Paniai , Julian Yeimo insane since 2009 . Genesis tearing occurs when the flag passes the relevant field and give respect to the flag . Then the relevant flag and tore it up .

For the incident Tribal Council Paniai deliver
s three demands . Petition of Homeland Citizen to Papua write down the demands of the Paniai Customary Council.

Our demands are :
1 . Papua Police Chief and PANGDAM XVI
Bumi Cendrawasih to immediately ruled Paniai and DANDIM Paniai Police , to thoroughly investigate the perpetrators of violence against Julian Yeimo ;
2 . Papua Police Regional Commander XVI  Bumi Cendrawasih in order to stop the military operations with street patrols in Paniai , Paniai because it was safe and under control .
3 . We asked the Regional Commander XVI Paradise Earth that excessive personnel in Paniai as Kopassus , Paskhas , BIN , to be withdrawn from Paniai .

Of explanation written by Tribal Council Paniai ,
 Petition of Homeland Citizenship of Papua calls to the attention of the central government in Jakarta and Papua to immediately provide security to members of the community in Papua .

Enforcement of security and peace in Papua are indigenous Papuans right , especially ahead of the 2014 election who live in the doorway . Support fellow citizens to ask the central and local governments provide security by reducing the TNI such as that delivered by the Tribal Council is expected Paniai . Papua is the longest military operation in two after Palestine , because the support of the world community towards Papua is needed .

The raids and
shooting to native Papuans , civilians who are worshiping in the Church, are still going on. They were shot by military . It happened in Indonesia in Indonesian Church ( GIDI ) Dodopaga in the church , and the church I glanced in Puncak Jaya regency . Members of Brimob and Detachment 88 residents surrounded the church and burned the church . Pastor tortured and stabbed with a knife bayonet . The incident led to two victims named Lurugwi Morib , which is the local village chief , and Pamit Wonda as Pastor of the Church.

Petition of Homeland Citizenship for Papua urged central and local government to resolve the cases of violence and human rights set out in Law 21 of 2001 on the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to immediately end the protracted conflict which is positioned as a conflict between the state and the people. The argument states that indigenous Papuans want independence of the Republic of Indonesia is always used as a legitimation for the murder and disappearance of citizens of Indonesia in Papua.  This argument must be questioned as more and more indigenous Papuans were killed, arrested  in prison and tortured . Why settle and use the reason Indonesian Papuan demands for independence to kill its own citizens ? Why are citizens of the world silent ? Why is the UN silent ?

Petition of Homeland Citizen for Papua  calls attention to Papua parties to end the public lie that is being run by the Indonesian government against indigenous Papuans . Establisment of Act 21 of 2001 section 42 on  Truth and Reconciliation Commission must to perform to end the cruelty of civilized and sovereign state against its own citizens .

Senin, 17 Februari 2014

Hanging out in Facebook: From Advocacy, Charity and the change of the nation leaderships through the 2014 election

Hanging out in Facebook : From Advocacy , Charity and the change of the nation through the 2014 election.

By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Until now I still
have difficult to sit for long time to write.  I haven’t written again . Writing pices and posting them on my status of Facebook help cure me.. While walking or sleeping I finish writing the pieces. Healing after an accident changed the way of  I work to process the impact on the aspirations of the friends in Indonesia . I like a person who work underwater.  In the ocean or in the clouds , is not important for me to ask where the cables stretched digital communication network . The benefits are extraordinary which help building my work accross countries , regions , ethnicity , religion and ages. This type of work have changed the way people communicate today.

The term used to refer to the virtual world community pave
s the way to understand the very different forms of community with the community in real time . Online communities interact with each other through written languages , such as photographs or paintings, pictures and sound in video form . The term cyberspace community exceeds township . In real time , a village which is understood as the territory can be connected through  various stages of the multi-layered . In the virtual world community , the village is very transparent . Interactions can occur without having to go through the process of friendship . Because there are a variety of tissues in the other sub- networks that will be involved in a broader interaction or not at all .

Since 2007 after invited by my friend , Shawn Landers , only now in a situation I experienced the healing process of the accident , the existing understanding of the cyber community is more optimized . Facebook is the result of collaboration Fulbright friends that are still mutually reinforce each other in community development activities to understand each other work for justice and peace in the world . In addition , Shawn Landers who
is in California , Maureen in Scotland , Haroon in Pakistan , Saheed in Africa , have inspired me to work to strengthen the grassroots community in Indonesia .
Working with children , youth and women in Yogyakarta , with expanding support to friends outside Yogya , such as in Maluku , Papua , Sumatra , Kalimantan and Sulawesi has spawned work connectedness through Facebook
.  Connectedness was formed because there is a real work in the community in real time .


Most recently , along with friends from North Sumatra , Papua , Jakarta , NTT , Yogyakarta , together hand in hand  have supported to help refugees of Sinabung’s eruption . Virtual social community  organized to support through Charity Auction Page for Refugees Sinabung which involve me and Deva Alvina Br . Sebayang as the moderator have effected to more deeply discusion about the future of Indonesia . Especially for the social aid movement of the virtual social communities, it can get support from various parties for volunteers formed called the HUB . HUB are the ones who become key in spreading the word about the process of collecting public funds from the virtual world community . With the hard work of the HUB , as mba Vensca Ginsel Virginia that carry network Twitter on the first day Sinabung Charity Auction for Refugees , has produced a fund of Rp 11,000,000 , - Addition of other funds is done through a network of friends from various friends who were in Indonesia and throughout the world .

On Friday, February 14, 2014 , these funds
that directly sent to the Deva Alvina Br.Sebayang whom brought it to be  submitted to the refugees.  Announcements about donors and aid delivery process can be viewed directly on the Charity Auction page for Refugees Sinabung ( ) .

While the process is done to help refugees Sinabung eruption Kelud has alerted us together about the importance of engaging citizens fight for their own interests . Sinabung refugees need to understand the dangers of a contour map of the
physically area of Mount Sinabung .  Lack of knowledge on the eruption issue could impact on public awareness of the volcano that could cause them tend to be afraid of . Yet as the mountains , the people living in the mountain everyday , they themselves are part of the mountain . Mount has given a lot of thanks to the community . Escort in strengthening the understanding of his rights carried out in hanging out on Facebook . I am very grateful to be together with friends in Indonesia through a critical period being experienced in the country .


Kelud as a volcanologist phenomenon turns out to deliver the expansion conversation to understand the actions of symbolic interpretation which explains the naming Kelud . Kelud in Javanese means bebersih  (cleaning). Naming is done because in reality when Kelud erupted , the ashes also cover the entire island of Java . Community struggled to cleanse their respective regions .

Kelud erupted before the 2014 election defined by society in the world hanging out FB as a warning to Indonesia . SBY responsibility in building the nation and the state is
being tested through Kelud eruptions . The reasons appear to indicate that Kelud as a warning to the nation of Indonesia . Since the Reformation until the current issue of Indonesian slump is not finished . Indonesia is still experiencing a variety of problems that most people see as part of the President 's leadership weak .

flows on the future of Indonesian leaders began to discuss alternatives . Now stay 51 days before the 2014 election , in April 2014. In the discussion it begins  more clear about the attitude of the younger generation 's refusal to refuse to follow the election . Golongan putih  ( Abstentions in the election ) appears stronger due to the expectations of the new Indonesian leadership without a history of violence , human rights violations and the New Order  has impressed thinning . The party of  Democracy Struggles of Indonesia, which currently has a popular candidate backed by the Indonesian people , Yokowi was still unclear about his involvement in the coming of Presidential nomination.

Apathy towards the younger generation here  has pushed me to prepare row communicative of voter education to the friends who netted in the social media community Facebook .

note is even written in a long time because it has to be typed while standing or walking , my efforts to be expanded through the blog for all my Indonesian Indonesian Indonesiamu . It seems from this article will be my strength to write more while holding anxiety of body pain for the sake of democracy in Indonesia . Indonesia as the flowers are very beautiful but also prone to be protected together . Campaign awareness about the vulnerability of Indonesia I do with painting , writing a thesis statement pieces that can stimulate thinking and discussion about the FB community shared responsibility to build Indonesia . Change is in your hands my  Indonesian friend !