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A Prophetic voice of Rev.Benny Giay rollbacks shared commitment to the welfare, justice and peace in West Papua

A Prophetic voice of Rev. Benny Giay rollbacks shared commitment to the welfare, justice and peace in West Papua*)

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By Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta

I still keep typing the life
story of Papuan leaders , Benny Giay. I am typing it very slowly. While the situation in Papua has created a tense after students who did a peaceful protest in front of the university, were arrested in Jayapura. Students held a peaceful protest to urge the University of Cendrawasih to give the draf of UU Otsus Plus which is being worked on by the local government with the involvement of the university.  Papua Governor, Luke Enembe welcomed the invitation of the President, SBY that provides an opportunity to Papua to design a comprehensive draft bill of Otsus Plus. Using the momentum of the rest of the term of the President, the Governor welcomed the President 's initiative to empower Uncen who was involved in the manufacture of the special autonomy law (UU Otsus).  Acknowledging that the bill of RUU Otsus Plus was not on the announcement of legal drafting in 2013 at the House of Representatives from where both the Governor and the Minister of Home Affairs respectively have prepared a draft bill to discuss with in early July 2013.  

This effort has received criticism from the people of Papua as judged not represent the aspirations together and rooted in the agreement mechanisms in society that practiced in Papua. The involvement of the Papuan People's Assembly in drafting the bill Autonomy Plus also questioned by the public, given the MRP is the people's representatives who represent indigenous Papuans representation according to their tribes. MRP assessed not fight results Hearings held on 25-27 July 2013 to produce two recommendations: first, with emphasis on the need for dialogue held between Jakarta and Papua, the second, then followed with  the reconstruction of the Papua Special Autonomy Law.

Detention student
s have prompted leaders of the Church, Rev. Benny Giay of the Synod of the Church of Kingmi,  Pares Wenda of Fellowship Baptist Churches and Matius Murib, as Director of Foundation Baptist Voice to give a press conference and at the same time to build a unified view of the Papuan people to the development of the political situation on the ground Papua today. Rev. Benny Giay regrets Uncen as the role for an educational institution, research and teaching has involved too much on the issue of design of the Special Autonomy Law Plus which is the actual authority to local governments to build the aspirations of communities throughout Papua through discussions mechanism prepared by the Special Committee for designing of the Special Autonomy Law Plus as facilitated by Assistant for Local Government Administration at the Governor Office. Various elements of the community are expected to be involved in the design of the Special Autonomy Law Plus Committee if it is agreed upon by all levels of civil society in Papua.

ing attention to some Media Online’s responses is assessed on the implementation of a press conference conducted by the Rev. Benny Giay regarded as a sign of rejection of the acceleration of development in Papua. Notion of community groups is mainly based on the fact of the purpose of the implementation of the Special Autonomy Bill Plus to ensure the nomination governors for the Provinces Papua and West Papua  must come from the native of  Papuans. In addition, this bill also provides an opportunity for local governments to engage directly obtaining tax funds submitted by PT Freeport without going through the central government's management.

With experience
s as a pastor who is keen to see the suffering of indigenous Papua , Rev . Benny Giay of course dares to ask to whom the impact of the design of the Special Autonomy Law for.  Experienced for almost 12 years since the special autonomy law was issued, economic landscapes which bring Papuans become economic actors in the land itself have not been seen with evenly. Loaded with current society which is degrading poverty and the lack of human resources in Papua cannot be denied managing as part of the Special Autonomy Law immaturity between produced products with professional development mechanism without the abuse of state property for its own sake  as well as with corruption that has flourished in the various bureaucracies in Papua. 

Courage of  Rev.  Benny Giay is a gift that comes from God alone. As a church leader concern crossing his own church so they can speak on behalf of indigenous people against lameness bureaucratic mechanisms that tend to be on the top without understanding the reality of the situation in Papua.

know little about  the Rev. Benny Giay, except read his dissertation entitled Zacchaeus Pakage and His Communities ( 1995) and two meetings with him, the first  was in the Netherlands in 1996 during my stay in the Missionary House in Oegstgeest and when the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies ( ICRS Yogya ) conducted an international seminar entitled the Resurgence of Religions in Southeast Asia in Yogyakarta in 2011, which also presented him as one of the speakers at one of the panel sessions.

But now, while typing and reading about him, edited by Charles Farhardian for Life Story of Papuan Leaders,  Rev. Benny Giay sure
ly understands what happening in Papua is.   As people of Papua, with the capacity to undertake research across space and disciplines of sociology and anthropology to understand how people think as Papuans, Rev. Benny Giay can be said to represent a way of thinking that is different from the government or other elite groups in the social structure of the layers in there. His solidarity to the common people is a choice that has been made ​​since a long time and continues to be needed by the people of Papua for the establishment of justice and peace in Papua.

As a child who grew up in there
, Papua now is a challenge for  Rev. Benny Giay to observe the reality of  Papuans. His  representation is  a very sincere to giving himself to serve the people rather than considering what he could get from the service of his people.

In my opinion, Rev. Benny Giay voice is the voice of the prophet, because not many people who dare to oppose the government. Not because people do not dare to
do that, but there has grown of apathy among the people to respond to the political situation in Papua.  Papuans have long felt threatened because of freedom of speech that can then be linked with the desire to disintegration of the Indonesia. Rev. Benny Giay is learning about how to understand the development of legislation is carried out.

Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua always  prays in preparing Papuans to pass in 2013 by encouring the Papuan government to reconsider the legislative democratic mechanisms that must be conducted to involve losts of support and full participation of the people of Papua to make their own regulations.




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