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Two posts of the blog "Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua" are ranked highest in Papuan virtual networks

Top of ForTwo posts of the blog " Indonesian Indonesiamu Indonesiaku untuk semual " are ranked highest in Papuan virtual networks
By Farsijana Adeney – Risakotta

This afternoon I 've actually finish
ed typing and translated to the third figure from the Life Story of Papuan Leaders, Willem Rumsawir, edited by Charles Fahardian ( West Papua : 2007). But before I post, I made changes to the layout of my another blog " PIZZA ( Peace Incredible Zoom Zone Authenticity ) in order to show to public the statistic of readers and the popular entry on the blog . I also synchronized all my blogs through Google +,  which provides  facilities to connect to variety of other portals, which have the information on  my work with the communities as well as academically.

I am quite satisfied with the arrangement of the control of the operation of my work in cyberspace . My greatest happiness is all that I do not have the fare. I feel using the internet system very well.
 It takes intelligence to understand the logic of the work of the blogging system that turns out to provide very many possibilities to facilitate thinking and my real work for the purpose of peace in Indonesia and its impact to other parts of the world.

Do, thus I become more mature in controlling the operation of communication in cyberspace? I ponder this important question!  I really want to share writings that depart from my own anxiety by which words poured out, can appear to strengthen myself and others. Currently it looks Papua has seized entire of my whole body and soul.

But I am not a robot, especially in situations of sustained
due to my backbone fractures ( T11 and L4 ). I also have to be strong spiritually and physically to be able to cultivate my wisdom as deep as my intelligent to be tangible in words that bring to life. Therefore I slip some personal writings as my reflection in between the publication of the Life Story of Papuan Leaders.  Travelling to finish this story will be very long . Only now I realize that there are 12 stories of the Papuan leaders that I have to type to be translated into English. Two of them have been published since I was discharged from the hospital. Strangely, I was told by the doctor about the length of time to wear this body brace ( shield ) to protect the fragility of the spine is approximately 12 weeks. Is this my fate, every week publish a story of 12 the Life Story of the Papuan Leaders?

I am self- conscious about the healing that must be freed from any pressure. Though the stories are full of
real life faced by the Papuan, tending pressureful, which shows all the emotion and shock have effected me strongly. Bringing this awareness in the world of writing helps me wary of being stuck on the weaknesses of myself as a human being. Thankfully my current physical limitations helps me to work like a turtle. I know I am now a mama turtle. I refer to myself in the English, as Mama Turtle which in Indonesian is said "mama kura-kura".  If I 'm tired of typing, I stand up and do exercise called  " Dancing of Mama Turtle " . But this mama turtle’s story does not have to be shared now, I will return to it sometime. Now I want to focus first on Papua.

Maybe for the Papuan brothers
and sister’s struggles for justice and peace have become a part of everyday life. Therefore the whole struggles are directed to them. I think there is no difference between me and the struggles the Papuans, especially since I decided to enter the struggle to build awareness through movement with Indonesian citizens around our country to address the issue of militarism there as appeared on cyber movement called " Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua" . But I must admit, that the struggles are not just writing but must also constructing arguments to balance to the real action engaging the entire people in Indonesia who concern to the issue of injust and peace in Papua. When I was in Yogyakarta, I did that to have some gatherings with Papuans for various discussions and Papuan Peace Festival in last May 2013. But I feel like now the situation is different so it is difficult to establish communication directly touching the grass roots.


While thinking on that, I have observed something that has comed out differently to correct my assumption above. I feel now, especially after I decided posting the Life Stories of Papuan Leaders,  the movement of the interaction has incread especially  among the Papuan people.  The signs can be seen from the provision of support to continue flowing through the hands of supporters of the "Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua" by those who clicked LIKES on the page petition. For that I am very grateful.

But other signs are very surprising
which have been to relate to the response to my last post on the figure of Rev. Benny Giay. There are two posts which are in the position of the two tops on the result of Google Search Engine.   Firstly, by using the keyword " Benny Giay "  it is immediately apparented with the title of my post "Prophetic Voice of Rev. Benny Giays rollbacks shared commitment to the welfare , justice and peace in Papua", which has ranked 2nd in the search through Googling.

Secondly, when
Benny Giay Papua” as keywords typed on Google Search , immediately see two things . Firstly, the article on the title the life story of Papuan Leaders: Benny Giay (Indonesian version) shows up at the top rank but unfortunately the article  has taken from my blog “Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua” without mentioning the source by which it has publised online. Secondly, instead this article that is republised by   refers to  “” as the source. I tried to open this “linked of the http above but it does not bring me the whole story as appears both at my blog and also at the blog of These pictures below show some of faces as I have discussed above.

                                                    Key word: Benny Giay
                                                          Key words: Benny Giay Papua
                                    Publication at  

                                        Publication at

What can I conclude? In my opinion, among the Papuans themselves, many do not know about who Rev. Benny Giay is.  I am very grateful that the story of Benny Giay must undergo a long journey from Papua to Santa Barbara and then to Boston where I did the typing, translating from Indonesian to English and resending the posts to be linked publicly through my two blogs through this cyber technology. I am grateful that I now people in Papua have read the two articles which have published by blog “Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua”  (the Indonesian one).  

The purpose of my writing is to let the original voice of the people of Papua play.  The purpose of this is also the goal of the book's editor of the Life Story of Papuan Leaders, Charles Farhardian. Without his’s hard work for many years we will never know the views, struggles and hopes of the Papuan leaders. Therefore, I hope the brothers and sisters could support these efforts by providing your quotation of any articles with the notification of the original sources to maintain the entire meaning of the purpose for making it publicly. There are still many of the Life Stories of Papuan Leaders that need to be published. I hope in the future we can improve the mechanism of sharing the articles by still maintaining their context of sources to avoit misunderstaning.  After Amelia Jigabalom , Benny Giay , there are 10 more names that I have not been posting . I have promised to do so to - 12 figures of the Papuan leaders as a sign of gratitude to God who protected us for the tremendous car crash in Venture, California two weeks ago.

I hope the writings of Papuan leaders will give the deepening of faith in our fellow citizens of Republic of Indonesia in Papua.  Upholding the struggle for justice and peace is long, so that self-control with the aim of building the unity of the whole people of Papua to prepare for the dialogue with the government should show strengthening.

I know, this posting will be read by all people in Indonesia including to the remote areas in Papua. As the world changed by communication technologies, forms of cruelty, despotism that used to occur mainly caused civilians died in Papua, now this can no longer happen. Even if it happened, would soon be all over because the world knows about what happens in Papua.

So the brothers and sisters’s struggles in Papua are not alone. In my opinion, the brothers and sister’s struggles are the struggles of indigenous Papuans, both Christians and Muslims to rebuild the land of Papua by where familiarizing legacy is returned to the people of Papua. Papuan land has not forgotten her children to whom the inheritance of abundance to be passed down to all the people who believe that love is a force to eliminate all fear because deep belief in the Creator , God the giver of life itself .


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