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Jakarta gives Jokowi to Indonesia, please! Critiquing Ahok: Logic SARA Misleading!

Jakarta gives Jokowi to Indonesia, please!
Critiquing Ahok: Logic SARA Misleading!
By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Still fresh in my feeling  a vibration election of the Governor and Vice Governor  in Jakarta on 20 September 2012. I ever wrote for my blog titled  “Indonesiaku  Indonesianmu  Indonesia untuk semua”,  the election brought back the coolness of democracy that has been long dead.  Jakarta’s Governor Election hopes to bring back democracy in Indonesia. When it happened, the escalation of SARAl issues towered.  SARA stands for tribes (“suku”),  religions (“agama”), racial (“ras”) and between groups (“antar golongan).  A muslim, Jokowi holded his run mate, a christian, Ahok.  Society was not confounded their heart, not wavering because PDIP handed the party of Gerinda, to  compete against Fauzi Bowo and Nara who were supported by Party of Democrat and other parties as the prominent Democrat’s leader  said all parties supported  them(Republika,  July 21, 2012). At the time,  SARA became a bomb to destroy the governor candidate and vice governor candidate  carried by only two parties which were PDI-P and Gerinda. Although racial issues aggressively hit the election of governor and deputy governor, Jokowi, a muslim who took Ahok  a Christian even were  elected by the citizens of Jakarta.

SARA storms cause Jokowi  as the elected Governor had began to continue to have the political education for the citizens of Jakarta as a Pancasila society that  are becoming the goals together in Indonesia.  Pancasila is the Indonesian ideology that contains five prinsiples of living before God, people of Indonesia for justice and prosperity.  When Jasmine Zulkifli Susan Ward was elected to the head of village in Lenteng Agung in South Jakarta that brought her to be rejected by the people due to her Christian religion,  Jokowi  then  proposed a dialogue with the public that has changed their perception to accept her  as their Lurah. Lurah is the Indonesian world to name the head of village.

Last night we discussed in my timeline on Facebook on the notion that I am writing now. I was happy to raise  the progress reality of pluralism practices that have effected   Jakarta but then also being destroyed now by political minorities as understood as SARA used by  Ahok  as the acting Governor of Jakarta and Prabowo Subianto, who is the  presidential candidate supported by Gerinda and several other parties.  News publised by  Tempo struck me as I read it faraway from my country.  The online news of Tempo, date of June 17, 2014 gives  the title “Elektabilitas Jokowi Turun di Jakarta, Kata Ahok” (Electability of Jokowi down in  Jakarta, Said Ahok)which was  published to coincide with the banners spreading around the areas that written : "Jokowi tetap gubernur, pilih number 1" (Jokowi remain governor, select number 1) as reported by Detikcom and other electronic media.

I commented  to the virtual world community, that minority politics being played by Ahok showed deterioration of Jakarta, because the achievement has been further advanced seen at the case of Lurah  Susan discussed above.  Ahok himself involved in the policy lead by governor of Jokowi r for official placement as a public servant is not based on religion, race, but the capacity (right person in the right place). Ahok has used his minority statues to support the interests of his party, Gerinda, which nominated Prabowo became president of Indonesia. So actually Ahok is destroying the ideals of Pancasila as better serve the interests of his party than his country, Indonesia which he fought as well a by his own party.

These banners are spreaded out to be carried out by some people of Jakarta can be seen as  a smear campaign. Why are these new banners appeared now after the second presidential debate held in June 15, 2014? Why did they not show up when official letter  delivered  by the officers of the Interior Ministry directly to Jokowi  at his official  governor  home? The letter was signed by the President  of SBY on the notion of  Jokowi’s temporary dismissal as governor of Jakarta until the official announcement made by the National Election Committee of the acting President and Vice President.  The letter of presidential decree (“Keppress”) which  was signed on May 31, delivered directly to Jokowi dated June 1, 2014.

By looking at the chronology of Jokowi’s suspension as the governor of Jakarta, is very clear to me, that the acting governor of Jakarta, Ahok as state officials was toying with racial issues aimed for his own benefit and also broke the effort of Indonesian implementation  already established by the governor, Jokowi. It is a form of black campaign for including the word of governor to be put together with Jokowi whereas apparently the acting governor is Ahok. As a guard of  Indonesia from deliberating efforts of a rogue  to solve the nation's use of SARA, I beg “Bawaslu” (Badan Pengawas Pemilu – the Election watchdog council) to crack and to degrade these banners.

The honeymoon of PDIP-Gerinda  as though it's over.  Jokowi’s candidacy, the governor of Jakarta as a candidate for president of Indonesia 2014-2019 period carried by PDIP, Nasdem, Hanura, PKB  turns out to be separated from the running  partner,  deputy governor Jokowi, Ahok supported by Gerinda.  Jokowi’s candidacy for president is paired with Jusuf Kalla as his running mate faces with Prabowo Subianto as the presidential candidate with Hatta Rajasa as vice presidential candidate whose supported gained from Gerinda,  PPP, PAN, PKS,  PBB  which are all muslim parties. To conduct the campaign period, Jokowi must do the leave and has received a letter of suspension as described above.

So Indonesia is in the global spotlight this time. Elections for president and vice president for the period 2014-2019 will be held on July 9, 2014. Commencing on June 4 to July 5, 2014, both sides candidates for president and vice president are conducting a campaign to explain to the community on the vision and mission of each each to be supported by citizens throughout Indonesia.  Their campaign are very exiciting.  Each candidates  must meet with constituents throughout Indonesia. During the periode of campaign the General Election  committee has orgzanied  5 times of presidential debates.  

But the campaign to use racial issues showed immature Indonesian citizens in carrying a democracy. Ahok as appropriate officials of Jakarta Governor  has to be reprimanted by Election Wacthdog Council because the election law stated that as the governmental  officers  are prohibited from campaigning. Ahok who  gave his statement in Tempo, was not carried out  as a member of  Gerinda but as an  official government person who serves to all the people of Jakarta. The revelation of a covert campaign should be reprimanded by the Election Watchdog Council (Bawaslu). If Ahok campaign would have to resign from the acting governor as provided in the Election Law that has been done by Jokowi.  it's very important for Indonesian people to understand about Indonesian politics that aims to serve the nation and the state not to divide and to break the relationship of people.

Although the electibility of Jokowi has decreased as said by Ahok, which I see as a covert way of campaigning, but in my opinion, Jakarta is only  Indonesia. Indonesia is in 32 other provinces that have their calculations rights because Indonesian election  does not use the same voice electoral system like in the United States.  Therefore Jakarta should  release Jokowi for  Indonesia.

 Indonesia needs Jokowi to build the nation and the country to the right path that is not just for the sake of power and greed of politicians. Jokowi candidature will not just a choice of  Megawati Soekarnoputeri as the head of party PDI-P but he was chosen by Indonesian people. Jakarta, could not stop Indonesia for getting her best son to lead this country.  Did Gerinda disappoint to DPI-P because it does not support Prabowo Subianto as the presidential candidate?  So it is now clear, racial politics played to win Prabowo Subianto who just commented on the Eastern Indonesian people suppose to fit becoming   soldiers!  About this I will discuss in a separate article, but the two leaders, both Ahok and Prabowo  Subianto have played around with SARA to divide our nation. Do they deserve to be a public service for people in Jakarta and Indonesia?  


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