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Papua and Prison, a painting in January 1, 2014. A Reflection of fulfillment!

Papua dan Penjara, Lukisan tanggal 1 Januari 2014 (Papua and Prison, a painting in January 1, 2014) stays at the first search on the google machine.

Papua and Prison, a painting in January 1, 2014 .
A Reflection
of fulfillment!
By Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta

" Let the painting speak
s and touchs the hearts of people. If you want to write something, make it into a separate article from the painting " , said my husband .  My husband said despite his admiration for the painting before the title was signed up on the painting that I painted in December 31, 2013. I wrote on the top of the painting “ Justice for Papua”. His heart was troubled when he saw my paintings . At first my husband thought that the painting shows  flowers in a vase . Long been observed, he realized that painting is turso men who are shouting.

I paint as a way of voicing the cry of Papuans . Justice for Papua
was added as titled after I finished painted it.  Then I published it on my blog without hearing my husband's comments . The painting , as seen from near the head of the Papua but much like a series of flowers in a vase . Papuans being chained to a black iron that looks like a flower vase. Indeed Papuans beautiful, outside and inside as I remember the comment made by President Megawati when she met Amelia Jigabalom in Papua . Their sincerity can become malignant when they know are  being used by someone . It is characteristic of people everywhere !

I later consider my husband 's advice . Date of January 1, 2014 I was very restless heart . We were watching the Rose Bowl which was an American football played by university or college in the United States. Then I began to see itself in the minds of people who are in prison . Lots of men are at a small cubicle . They crowded . Among them there was screaming . They shouted to sleep . The warden did not come to see them at their hanger . I am anxious to prison’s picture in my mind . When I was watching the online game, I  closed my eyes laid on the shoulders of my husband . I was asleep but my body feels sick lying in the position while wearing body braces . So I begged permission from the family to go to my studio where I started to paint the picture in my mind and feelings .

Papua and painting Prison in January 1, 2014 is the title I gave
to separate from the image itself . I decided to publish it without writing anything on the sheet painting . I was also put off painting the explanation that I have prepared after completing the text. Although I really wanted to publish this paper in conjunction with the painting .

Is a state prison where the people of Papua on hold as I see the picture of
in my mind ? I prepared the paper and other supplies for painting . Existing colors did not match the colors in my feelings . Then I took a yellow base color and mixed it with black color . I also mixed the color yellow with red , yellow to green , yellow to brown . Yellow became the color of the base because I feel people of Papua is God's revelation given to Indonesia to reflect on ourselves. As a country of faith , religion , Indonesia could reflect her faith in God in the way she treats indigenous Papuans . Why should Papuans jailed for their alleged treason ?

According to Papuan Behind Bars , in November 2013 , there were 537 cases of people catching the then 71 people can be declared as political prisoners (
in Indonesia “tapol” ) .

Link :

 Identification of their detention is connected with treason , which citizens attempt to demonstrate the separation of
Indonesian Republic and political attitudes . Signs of rebellion are always used as an excuse accusation which relates with an organizing effort to gather so they can raise the flag “Bintang Kejora” (Morning Star). Bloody Biak tragedy involved  military firing from the ship towards the port of Biak where people were gathering left dozens of people dead . While those who survived were transported into the boat and drowned in the sea .

Biak bloody tragedy occurred on July 6, 1998 . Papuan people refuse to forget the bloody tragedy of Biak . Biak bloody incident started from a protest by the people . In protest , they raise
d the flag which then led to slaughter them .
Indonesian government recognition of the injustices suffered by indigenous Papuans have produced encouraging Law No.21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy ( Adeney - Risakotta , 2013) . In this Act the Indonesian government set national regulations related to efforts to resolve the Papuan problem . Form of settlement put into perspective the Republic of Indonesia ( Republic of Indonesia ) which allows the country together and allow Indonesian citizens , namely indigenous Papuans engaged in dialogue to seat the history of Papuan integration . To that end , the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set out in the Special Autonomy Law in order to set the
process of having the historical clarification.

The Papuans are also given the opportunity to raise
Bintang Kejora (Morning Star) along with the Indonesian’s flag . Morning Star is accepted as an identity rather than as a sign of sovereignty of the Papuans of Papua to separate of Indonesian Republic because legally Papua is part of the Nation State of Indonesia. Roiling Papua conflict is exacerbated by the lack of commitment of the Government of Indonesia to meet the regulations that have been instituted . President SBY and his government may assume that the Act 21 of 2001 is a product of the government of President Megawati signed so ignore existing legal certainty in the legislation . Papuan people protected by the Act 21 of 2001 as the Republic of Indonesia recognizes the right to preserve and present the Papuan tribal identity in the political life of the Republic of Indonesia . Republic of Indonesia even is required to facilitate the clarification of Papuan history .

Another argument that often appear in various media review when asked why the government does not want to engage in a dialogue is to avoid indigenous Papuans demanding independence . As alluded to foreign NGOs that work effort was campaigning injustice in Papua , the government tends indeed attempted Papua issue raised at the national level related to the strategy of certain countries that have economic interests to exploit Papua .
Then another question arises whether during the integration of Papua into the Republic of Indonesia , including when Law No. 21 of 2001 which provides direct transfer of local arrangements made
​​by the local people of Papua have successfully prosper ? Studies conducted by the Centre For Public Policy and Management Studies from the Catholic University of Parahyangan arrived at the conclusion that the Special Autonomy legislation that led to the allocation of additional funds to Papua , not the slightest change Papuan autonomy performance turned out to be the last of sorted all provinces in Indonesia . Consequently , the purpose of development that should be felt by indigenous Papuans only a cake that can be felt by the Papuan elite and government officials in Jakarta .

I pondered all of this when I 'm drawing
on Papua and Prison . Turns out Indonesian government has threw so many indigenous Papuans across Papua to the prisons . Fertile soil are the property of Papuans now as a prison , which is divided -plots according to each cell . The term " prison " is not as if the literary -related prison where people were arrested for offenses considered by the state . Papuan people do not want a pardon from the President , which is controlled honesty Indonesian government to meet the demands of the rule of law generated by the government itself.

Most wondered at after the tragedy of Bloody Biak , and various other tragedies have sprung up , such as the bloody Abepura dated December 7, 2000 , Wasior bloody dated June 13, 2001 , Wamena bloody dated October 6, 2000 and 4 April 2003 , followed by the murder of Theys Hiyo Eluway and removal of personal driver , Aristotle Masoka on November 10 , 2001. On April 16, 2006, the human rights tragedy occurring again . The data is recorded either by the tragedy of the National Human Rights Commission which successfully compiling it and then leave it to the courts but to date no ditindaklanjutkan by the government . According to the records of the
KONTRAS, the only offense that was the tragedy Abepura trial April 7, 2000 pending before the Human Rights Court in Makassar . Cases of this tragedy have involved the security forces ( TNI - Police ) .

Link :

 As in the paintings of Papua and Prison , truth naturally are following the Papuans . Leaves are the divine breath of life to grow towards the original
people of Papua . Justice like leaves that never die because tree roots grow in depth . The leaves break through the iron  trellis to touch and to thrust to the Papuans . Indigenous Papuans in the painting and became a prison for demanding justice from the government . Life and justice are part of a faith that will not be taken by anyone, including the government of Indonesia . Then unite indigenous Papuans and fellow citizens to urge the government of Indonesia Republic of Indonesia meet the demands of existing laws on state legislation RI .




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