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Contemplating and Reinforcing Papua!

Contemplating and Reinforcing Papua!

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By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

In the middle of typing the life story of Papuan leaders I suddenly want to write for a while because of the anxiety within myself. A friend of us wrote with hope I do not have to go through suffering within myself to achieve justice for the people of Papua. Sense of sympathetic to the plight of vertebral fractures within me is greatly appreciated .

But maybe if I had not broken T-11 and L-4, I would not be at the back of the computer to write about the plight of Papuan brothers and sisters . I've written many articles for the Forum of "Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua" which were posted directly throughout my blog titled "Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua"   ( or on the page of  "Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua (https: //   Among my writings, there were 40 posts which were compiled together with the writings of each author who were Erich Kaunang and Nano Apituley. This writings were compiled to be manifested in the form of a book titled "Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua" which can be translated in English such as “Homeland Citizenship Petition for Papua ( Adeney - Risakotta : 2013) .


The articles are written in a variety of themes related to the reality of life of people of Papua such as Papua build strength, responsible development in Papua, the law as the basis for reinforcement of the empowerment of Papua, and Papua Peace Initiative. The history of Papua had a place at the very beginning of my writings though still rated by the first female novelist in Papua, April R.A.Wayar as not represented  a situation that could encourage the emergence of discussions  to conduct  among the people of Papua and the  Indonesia on the specific case of the historical struggels of the Papuan people.  Therefore, I hope my efforts now which are retyping the 12  life story of Papuan leaders as were edited on the book titled of Kisah Hidup Tokoh-Tokoh Papua by Charles Farhardian will  answer the comments made by Aprila R A Wayar mentioned before.  Hopefully, it will help our Indonesian fellows and other nations to joint together this efforts to understand the struggles of indigenous Papuans.

But I must  admit, after almost two years of struggling in the deeping of Papua materials for the purpose of learning for fellow citizens of the Republic Indonesia to the Papuan’s struggles, only now I really do feel very sick. History  as what is meant by Aprila has shown a  long history of struggle of the Papuan nation to maintain its existence in the middle of a project initiated by the modern humans of Indonesia. This has turned out to deep pain because of their pain exceeds pain of my spinal fractures.  The pain is directly related to the plight of the brothers and sister of Papua for decades. I had never heard screams so surprising because of the cruelty that resembles barbarity committed by my own people to other Indonesian citizens in Papua. The actors  in their cruelty could still charming smile in their innocent looks to ask for forgiveness as seen in reciting the verses of God 's Word in their worship. Noble values ​​are a part of the achievemant for a democratic society as if it is clear at the time of worship but then thins into contact with malignancy of life reality.

Not easy to retype the story of the suffering of others, especially those who are suffering because once incarcerated, the target to be captured even with threats to life though. Rewriting of the story of the violence witnessed in front of his/her own eyes is painful. In a way they are very brave to express violence perpetrated by those who exceed the brutality of a human being, I see a hope of a life rebuilt from selected people who survived the vicious life in Papua. I have seen hope coming to the people of Papua, the Papuan leaders, because they cause their resistance as the shiny gold.  Resilience in the fight for justice as the right to life has been encouraging genuine courage as strong as life itself appears to alter the reality of the bad luck that has been targeted impiously on the Papuans. I am strengthened because of impediment created by human hands whose strength is not nothing compared to the hand of the Creator who wants Papuans continue to live inherit the earth of their own.  

I grew up with stories from my grandparents about the sincerity of the Papuan people who are also highly sensitive to react when they feel rejected because of a difference in their life. In the early 1940s, the people of Papua in Serui still used aprons for men and for women topless. This custom is still found in some place in the interior of Papuan island. While Serui and Biak have become an open are, which targets tourism as well as where the Papuans with traditional clothes instead encouraged to perform again in the ceremonies to welcome the tourists who come to see the exotic culture of Papua. Those put forward the tourism package sales have turned out to save the civilized culture of contradictions associated with modern human selfhood fantasy that was lost but preserved in the world that are considered backward, primitive and gullible people. Civilization appears ironic to looks elegant with exclusive live rich, travelling across the world but once done in the human mentality which tends to enslave those who are weak and only make a living from selling their  exotic package which actually the benefits go to increase the income of the State not for themselves due to their capacities seen as people without social status.

                              Lake Sentani in Jayapura (Farsijana's collection)

                            Biak seen from airplane (Farsijana's collection)

Though Papua exceeds all built today as the beauty and richness that must be brought out of the land of Papua left poverty and emptiness for native Papuans. The strength of her life with nature, with mountains towering, river widened, and filled with an abundance of food, wilderness of nature, the music that builds unity consciousness with the Papuans is the evidence of the presence of the Creator which is strong to protect Papuans from a more terrible destruction .

Life songs sung on the sidelines of trouble and turmoil give new spirit to the people of Papua to win back the years that have gone out of them. When people sing a  pride song of Papuans, Hai Papua Tanahku...

Hi my land of Papua,
You're my birth land,
I will love thee
so my end.

My love white sand
On my happy beach
Where the Ocean Blue
Glinted in the light

My love mountains
large The Holy
And clouds that drift
Roving its pick

My love thee ground
That with your human
paying craft
and work.

My love sound waves
The shores at
chants are always
humories heart.

My love forest
blankets my land
I like wandering
under your protection

Thanks be to you Lord
You gave my land
Give me also diligently
convey what you mean.

With a groan I write this expectation, I also reinforced to continue the long journey to heal myself. Healing that comes along with every beat sound typing computer keys are carved in living the life of the Papuan leaders. This is because their leaders can tell the truth without fear in a dream together to rebuild the strength left within  their community hope that never disappearing at Papua to whom is being poured of with blessing of Allah Almighty and God's merciful love. Exemption from punishment because it is the right of every person and God's people are asked to get it. Also those who aim to destroy it would feel scared and ashamed to their own actions on behalf of civilization apparently have done deeds conflicting with civilization itself.

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