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Fourth days after the hospital

Fourth days after the hospital

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Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta
Dear families and friends of FB

Good morning and salam damai for you all. May God mercy be with us all. Amen

I would like to thank you all for your prayers to us. Every word you sent to us have strengthened us spirit as people who are created by God to whom our life are opened to thanksgiving and salvation. Among the letters are those who have followed our trip since we left Indonesia last June up to now.  I could not mention one by one because you all are very special for me. Friends from Europe, US, all over Indonesia have sent your supported words to me, posting in my timeline and also sent to my messages.  I will try send my comment little by little. But for now, here is my news for you all.


Today is the fourth day after I got out from hospital in Ventura, California and the second day after our arrival back in Boston. Within fourth days so many things have happened in my life. God have protected us and still want to continue working with us if we think about the tremendous accident happened last week in the night of November's the fourth.


We had travelled across American territoryies  with care but the night of tragedy was only in second our life has become differently. We also just finished our 10 days around northern part of New Mexico with lots of stories. We got into four seasons in the two weeks ago trip around New Mexico.


But in last California trip from Pasadena to Santa Barbara, I was in the depth sleep when the accident happened. Usually I talked with pak Bernie while he drove but if I could not open my eyes Pak Bernie allowed me to sleep while he continued driving. We both were tired. Pak Bernie had 9 hours classes which were all graduated classes, master and PhD ones and meetings, while I taught two hours and some business meeting together with him at the last day at Fuller Theological Seminary.  The day before the accident we were involved with some activities at Presbyterian church in Redlands. We both also preached. We decided to leave LA directly to Santa Barbara at the night after our class finished which given at Prof. Roberta King's graduated seminar.  The next week in the morning we had to give some lecturers for students at Westmont College. Thank God, pak Bernie could continue giving the lectures while I was in the hospital and at home.


Everything change very dramatically, but I feel thankfulness in my heart. I did not remember everything from the accident except pak Bernie touched my hand and said: "Honey we have to get out from the car because there is fire under it". Then pak Bernie unlocked my seat belt and  I walked out myself to approach two young men who were waiting outside. These two men are handsome and kind. They waited for us until police, fireman and ambulance arrived. Besides calling all emergency relief to arrive, they looked for a bottle of water to give for me. I was calm to see what was happening with us. Later after pak Bernie went to the towed agency which took our rental car to get our two suitcases which were at the trunk. After the accident the trunk could not be opened. What happened we could learn from was the airbag was not opened while pak Bernie blew out to save him from any injure. But I was in the depth sleep so I did not have any feeling of trauma. I think I was slept in God's hand.

the front car


the back car

I did not know what was happened during the accident. I went to the hospital with half of my head swollen but the results of CT Scans show clean on all my head and brain. My pancreas was suspected to have blooding and doctors began to prepare for a surgeon  to me but after rechecking my volume of blood which was fine, the conclusion was I did not need any operation, the blooding that came the begin had to stop. 


In Christian tradition, suffering of life is a part of God's mercy for human beings to live in God's ways as we believe in the salvation that has given to us in Christ.


Just before we left our friend’s home, Charles and Katherine Farhardian whom welcomed us to stay with them after the accident, I wrote my reflection that was titled Breaking bones for the life of Papua. Charles Farhardian is a professor at Westmont College which invited us to give series of lectures during the week of world's awareness on interfaith activism at the school. The dates were chosen specifically by the school. Farhardian has done many researches on Papua.


One day of our stay with them, Farhardian gave his book titled of The Testimony Project Papua which I read only the first story on the night before I felt sleep. The next morning I walked up with the new spirit that strengthens my understanding on the meaning of this accident. Even taking the entire days almost 12 hours, I tried finishing my refection which now can be found in Indonesian and English version on my blogs. While training myself for the coming of a long flight trip wearing brace, I also tried writing out my story.


For those who would like to read more my story

you can find here in two links:


Tulang Patah untuk kehidupan Papua




Breaking bones for the life of Papua


Your continued prayers are very much appreciated. Thanks so much for all your care.


With depth salam


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