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Hanging out in Facebook: From Advocacy, Charity and the change of the nation leaderships through the 2014 election

Hanging out in Facebook : From Advocacy , Charity and the change of the nation through the 2014 election.

By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Until now I still
have difficult to sit for long time to write.  I haven’t written again . Writing pices and posting them on my status of Facebook help cure me.. While walking or sleeping I finish writing the pieces. Healing after an accident changed the way of  I work to process the impact on the aspirations of the friends in Indonesia . I like a person who work underwater.  In the ocean or in the clouds , is not important for me to ask where the cables stretched digital communication network . The benefits are extraordinary which help building my work accross countries , regions , ethnicity , religion and ages. This type of work have changed the way people communicate today.

The term used to refer to the virtual world community pave
s the way to understand the very different forms of community with the community in real time . Online communities interact with each other through written languages , such as photographs or paintings, pictures and sound in video form . The term cyberspace community exceeds township . In real time , a village which is understood as the territory can be connected through  various stages of the multi-layered . In the virtual world community , the village is very transparent . Interactions can occur without having to go through the process of friendship . Because there are a variety of tissues in the other sub- networks that will be involved in a broader interaction or not at all .

Since 2007 after invited by my friend , Shawn Landers , only now in a situation I experienced the healing process of the accident , the existing understanding of the cyber community is more optimized . Facebook is the result of collaboration Fulbright friends that are still mutually reinforce each other in community development activities to understand each other work for justice and peace in the world . In addition , Shawn Landers who
is in California , Maureen in Scotland , Haroon in Pakistan , Saheed in Africa , have inspired me to work to strengthen the grassroots community in Indonesia .
Working with children , youth and women in Yogyakarta , with expanding support to friends outside Yogya , such as in Maluku , Papua , Sumatra , Kalimantan and Sulawesi has spawned work connectedness through Facebook
.  Connectedness was formed because there is a real work in the community in real time .


Most recently , along with friends from North Sumatra , Papua , Jakarta , NTT , Yogyakarta , together hand in hand  have supported to help refugees of Sinabung’s eruption . Virtual social community  organized to support through Charity Auction Page for Refugees Sinabung which involve me and Deva Alvina Br . Sebayang as the moderator have effected to more deeply discusion about the future of Indonesia . Especially for the social aid movement of the virtual social communities, it can get support from various parties for volunteers formed called the HUB . HUB are the ones who become key in spreading the word about the process of collecting public funds from the virtual world community . With the hard work of the HUB , as mba Vensca Ginsel Virginia that carry network Twitter on the first day Sinabung Charity Auction for Refugees , has produced a fund of Rp 11,000,000 , - Addition of other funds is done through a network of friends from various friends who were in Indonesia and throughout the world .

On Friday, February 14, 2014 , these funds
that directly sent to the Deva Alvina Br.Sebayang whom brought it to be  submitted to the refugees.  Announcements about donors and aid delivery process can be viewed directly on the Charity Auction page for Refugees Sinabung ( ) .

While the process is done to help refugees Sinabung eruption Kelud has alerted us together about the importance of engaging citizens fight for their own interests . Sinabung refugees need to understand the dangers of a contour map of the
physically area of Mount Sinabung .  Lack of knowledge on the eruption issue could impact on public awareness of the volcano that could cause them tend to be afraid of . Yet as the mountains , the people living in the mountain everyday , they themselves are part of the mountain . Mount has given a lot of thanks to the community . Escort in strengthening the understanding of his rights carried out in hanging out on Facebook . I am very grateful to be together with friends in Indonesia through a critical period being experienced in the country .


Kelud as a volcanologist phenomenon turns out to deliver the expansion conversation to understand the actions of symbolic interpretation which explains the naming Kelud . Kelud in Javanese means bebersih  (cleaning). Naming is done because in reality when Kelud erupted , the ashes also cover the entire island of Java . Community struggled to cleanse their respective regions .

Kelud erupted before the 2014 election defined by society in the world hanging out FB as a warning to Indonesia . SBY responsibility in building the nation and the state is
being tested through Kelud eruptions . The reasons appear to indicate that Kelud as a warning to the nation of Indonesia . Since the Reformation until the current issue of Indonesian slump is not finished . Indonesia is still experiencing a variety of problems that most people see as part of the President 's leadership weak .

flows on the future of Indonesian leaders began to discuss alternatives . Now stay 51 days before the 2014 election , in April 2014. In the discussion it begins  more clear about the attitude of the younger generation 's refusal to refuse to follow the election . Golongan putih  ( Abstentions in the election ) appears stronger due to the expectations of the new Indonesian leadership without a history of violence , human rights violations and the New Order  has impressed thinning . The party of  Democracy Struggles of Indonesia, which currently has a popular candidate backed by the Indonesian people , Yokowi was still unclear about his involvement in the coming of Presidential nomination.

Apathy towards the younger generation here  has pushed me to prepare row communicative of voter education to the friends who netted in the social media community Facebook .

note is even written in a long time because it has to be typed while standing or walking , my efforts to be expanded through the blog for all my Indonesian Indonesian Indonesiamu . It seems from this article will be my strength to write more while holding anxiety of body pain for the sake of democracy in Indonesia . Indonesia as the flowers are very beautiful but also prone to be protected together . Campaign awareness about the vulnerability of Indonesia I do with painting , writing a thesis statement pieces that can stimulate thinking and discussion about the FB community shared responsibility to build Indonesia . Change is in your hands my  Indonesian friend !



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