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Condolences and support the demands of the Tribal Council of Paniai

 Condolences and support the demands of the Tribal Council of Paniai
By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Petition of Homeland Citizen to Papua

We would like to convey our condolences to the Tribal Council and members of the community in Paniai over the tragic death of a citizen of the Republic of Indonesia named Julian Yeimo . His body was found dead in the river Bontai , Dagouto village , East Paniai District . His body  allegedly killed and then dumped into the river . The wounds are found in the nose , chest , face and scratches on several places on the chest . The reasons are unclear but the murder was allegedly killed by unknown assailants ( Persons Unknown ) . On August 18, 2012 , Julian Yeimo tortured by military officers for allegedly tore the flag . According to news released by the Tribal Council Paniai , Julian Yeimo insane since 2009 . Genesis tearing occurs when the flag passes the relevant field and give respect to the flag . Then the relevant flag and tore it up .

For the incident Tribal Council Paniai deliver
s three demands . Petition of Homeland Citizen to Papua write down the demands of the Paniai Customary Council.

Our demands are :
1 . Papua Police Chief and PANGDAM XVI
Bumi Cendrawasih to immediately ruled Paniai and DANDIM Paniai Police , to thoroughly investigate the perpetrators of violence against Julian Yeimo ;
2 . Papua Police Regional Commander XVI  Bumi Cendrawasih in order to stop the military operations with street patrols in Paniai , Paniai because it was safe and under control .
3 . We asked the Regional Commander XVI Paradise Earth that excessive personnel in Paniai as Kopassus , Paskhas , BIN , to be withdrawn from Paniai .

Of explanation written by Tribal Council Paniai ,
 Petition of Homeland Citizenship of Papua calls to the attention of the central government in Jakarta and Papua to immediately provide security to members of the community in Papua .

Enforcement of security and peace in Papua are indigenous Papuans right , especially ahead of the 2014 election who live in the doorway . Support fellow citizens to ask the central and local governments provide security by reducing the TNI such as that delivered by the Tribal Council is expected Paniai . Papua is the longest military operation in two after Palestine , because the support of the world community towards Papua is needed .

The raids and
shooting to native Papuans , civilians who are worshiping in the Church, are still going on. They were shot by military . It happened in Indonesia in Indonesian Church ( GIDI ) Dodopaga in the church , and the church I glanced in Puncak Jaya regency . Members of Brimob and Detachment 88 residents surrounded the church and burned the church . Pastor tortured and stabbed with a knife bayonet . The incident led to two victims named Lurugwi Morib , which is the local village chief , and Pamit Wonda as Pastor of the Church.

Petition of Homeland Citizenship for Papua urged central and local government to resolve the cases of violence and human rights set out in Law 21 of 2001 on the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to immediately end the protracted conflict which is positioned as a conflict between the state and the people. The argument states that indigenous Papuans want independence of the Republic of Indonesia is always used as a legitimation for the murder and disappearance of citizens of Indonesia in Papua.  This argument must be questioned as more and more indigenous Papuans were killed, arrested  in prison and tortured . Why settle and use the reason Indonesian Papuan demands for independence to kill its own citizens ? Why are citizens of the world silent ? Why is the UN silent ?

Petition of Homeland Citizen for Papua  calls attention to Papua parties to end the public lie that is being run by the Indonesian government against indigenous Papuans . Establisment of Act 21 of 2001 section 42 on  Truth and Reconciliation Commission must to perform to end the cruelty of civilized and sovereign state against its own citizens .

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