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Closing the date of May 20th, 2014, Tickling Prabowo's responsibility!

Closing the date of May 20th, 2014 , Tickling Prabowo’s responsibility !
By Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta

sky lies behind blackened trees. Night was coming through darkness falls from the sky only about 8.30 PM. My heart is troubled. I have not been writing for my blog, "Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua" for some time. The same posts can also be read in the English on the blog, PIZZA. But just tonight, I am back dancing of my fingers on this keyboard. I used to think my words would be dry out because the verbalization of art I am doing in the form of sculpture and painting has taken my energy. I have been doing artwork on the theme of Papua for several months. I should share later about these amazing experiences that have happened with me. Actually I have shared in the form of making my comment on my status at my FB but would be nice to read it as an integrated piece.

Just this evening a very deep anxiety turnovers my assumption about the left brain that controls the creative art process. Perhaps the boundary between the left and right brain become thinner when I know the artwork is just a tool to voice concerns. My anxiety is a concern. Right! The anxiety as the evening comes to seize the light. Let me enjoy the day that began the duration longer in the spring than in the winter.

Concentrated night lurking outside . I let the fresh air infiltrating from below the window but invited the night to stay outside . Night vigil with tiny white flowers which in German is called " meiglockchen " . A friend of mine , Aurita living in Germany a few days ago to share stories about meiglockchen  and her family . Now meiglockchen fragrance with fresh air entry into the house . Three-pieces of " meiglockchen " had already been there in a vase on the dining table . I plucked and decorated it for our dinner . But not because " meiglockchen " I am writing now . Why in the middle of the fragrant scent I smell the corpse flower ? What's up with the fragrance itself? 

Today, on May 20, 2014 here in Boston, in Indonesia is May 21st, but still a few hours left before the date of May 20 backward switch to 21st? What did my brothers and sisters in Indonesia to celebrate a special date, 106 years of National Awakening Day and 16 years of the Reformation Movemen. Today, people can reflect on what was happening 16 years ago but with a very ironic we also see ourselves, that Prabowo Subianto who had the responsibility to kill  people in the Reform movement in the same month in May 1998, 16 years later being steps to prepare for entering to the State Place. We are thrilled to see Prabowo's ambition to become the president of Indonesia. Whereas 16 years ago as Pangkostrad, he was responsible for the violence that occured in Jakarta such as rape of Chinese women,  Trisakti shootings which previously followed the abduction of university students.

Kompas dated December 18, 2012, wrote about the recognition of Prabowo who regreted not doing coup to the President Habibie. Prabowo's words justified by Habibie, which illustrates that the movement of the army entered the area of Kuningan and headed toward the National Palace. In the book titled "Detik-Detik Menentukan" written by BJ Habibie (2003), Wiranto was mentioned to whom gave the input to Habibie about the movement of military force to the State Place. Habibie then hold a meeting on May 22, 1998 at the State Palace with Prabowo. During the meeting, Habibie fired Prabowo with the argument to dismiss because Army troops entered to the authority area without permission.

So my anxiety is actually related to the fate of Indonesia who seems drugging to make them easier for allowing a former human rights violations to be the future of Indonesian president. Jakarta Post's article written by Aboeprijadi Santoso during a visit to the village Kraras which is approximately 300 meters from the city of Dili in Timor Leste, where the massacre occured toward unarmed civilians at the behest of President Suharto, who was supported by terraces oficials of Army, Benny Murdani, Wiranto, Syaknakri and Prabowo. But Prabowo with his  troops of Chandraka 8 who did the extermination of the 287 people on September 17, 1983. Mass murder was considered the right thing because Indonesia saw the movement of Timorese people to self-determination as a separation effort from Indonesia. Attached posts of Aboeprijadi Santoso.

In the same article in Kompas, dated in December 18, 2012, explained that Prabowo accepted the dismissal of President Habibie as understood about the ultimate power of the president over the armed forces. Being President is the final step of Prabowo to gain the ultimate power, including the armed forces. The history of human rights violation that occured  in the war between Indonesia and Timor Leste is almost forgotten by the people in Indonesia. But in the history of East Timor war, ordinary people in Timor Leste still remember it. The same thing happened with the history of Reform Movement that was 16 years old. People do not forget Prabowo as partly responsible for the military's violence that occured to civil society. The violence that occurs throughout Indonesia, there is a connection with the conspiracy of the elite who play around with racial issues to crush its own people Who should be responsible? Obviously, Prabowo is one of them!

I am writing this anxiety because Indonesia believes that every person has a conscience to reject violence committed in the name of the state against ordinary citizens. Violence of the state is done to serve the interests of the state which is regarded as so controling people's lives to perish them. But I also believe, people are increasingly mature and without fear of attemting to understand what is going on with the nation. This note is an antidote to help us all aware of the poisoning that are ingested accidentally. Writing an antidote aims to encourage people themselves to use their inner conscience in selecting a presidential candidate. One chooses the president, meaning people permit such Prabowo to revise our history without acknowledging the truth about what he had done to the nation and his people.


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