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Bringing PIZZA to Boston

Bringing PIZZA to Boston
Drawing symbols on sand inspires the new meaning of PIZZA (1)

By Farsijana Adeney-Risakotta

Drawing symbols of compassion and peace on the sand of the Medicino's beach on the Independence Day of USA (4 July 2013) 

Bringing PIZZA to Boston?
Sounds strange! Is not the United States is the birth place of innovation PIZZA. PIZZA in various forms can be found in the United States. Providing  a title like this is actually to mock as if there is no PIZZA in Boston. Maybe the people in Boston would be upset if know that the title of this story was made by an Indonesian. Who is that person? What did she know about PIZZA? I have to be ready to meet with the people who will cast a glance to check me and said: "You know what to PIZZA".

On the day of our vacation for celebrating the Labour Day, we visited  to Cape Cod, in the southern part of Boston. We went  to Cape Cod to see the beach and touched the cold water of the Atlantic ocean. We stopped at Race point where I fell in love with the beach. The sand is like sand in the eastern to the south part of the island of Bali,  around Amed to Seminyak. But the size of sand in Race Point is medium, larger than sand Seminyak, but smaller than the one in Amed beach.  The similarity of these three sand at Race Point,  Amed and Seminyak are formed from broken coral beads with golden color.

I took sand from Race Point home because I am going to paint again using it.  At the time when my elbow of the right hand dislocated just before my last art exhibition in last May 2013, I got a revelation to paint with sand. The next day after my right hand was casted, in the morning during my pray hour, I was shocking with  a voice saying: "The sand .. sand ..". The voice  came twices  with the same fragment: "Sand ... Sand .." Still shocking, I ran out of bed immediately to find where I put  jars of sand from Amed and Seminyak. That day, I painted my first painting with sand and colored cement to give the title The Dancer of Life. This painting visualized my poem with the same title as posting at my blog “Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua” which means My Indonesia, Your Indonesia Indonesia for all.  

But what to do with PIZZA? Well, those two words are different but the first letter begins with "P". PIZZA original Italian language but has become a world language because of the popularity of PIZZA HUT. “Pasir” is Indonesian for "sand".  I could imagine a more in depth look at some of the characters are similar in quality between “Pasir” and PIZZA. But I do not want to impose any similarities at PIZZA and Pasir. They are different because PIZZA is food and being sand is a thing that can not be eaten. The idea of
the sand is often taken to be used as a decoration in food, such as grain brown. Character of the sand, with grains that tiny nature can be seen in foods like PIZZA.  

PIZZA is a very good food with a lot of preparations to be made before the various components to combine together. The sand is needed for physical development. Making PIZZA  likes taping the grains and pieces from a variety of selected foodstuffs with dough and cheese.

The idea of
​​"bringing PIZZA to Boston" came when I stepped on the sand at the foot of Race Point. Sand appears as granules can release me from the bonds so until amazingly, I could telescope between the cracks of the salty Atlantic water on earth to understand the actual meaning of PIZZA. Sand and water unite humankind to live in the islands and the continents scattering. On the sand when I carve the symbol of love at Race Point, on the east coast in Massachusetts and peace and love symbols on the sand at the beach on the west coast of Mendocino United States, I immediately know about the new meaning of PIZZA. United States does have PIZZA but they require both a symbol that I carved the sand from west to east, which is a symbol of peace and compassion. The second symbol is there on the new meaning of PIZZA I will explain it slowly without haste, like a character from PIZZA themselves are made with love and a touch of high art. Like grains of sand, the meaning of PIZZA will be released in time little by little and then unite.
Drawing symbol of compassion on the sand of Race Point in Massachussets in September 1st,  2013 on the Labour Day

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