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PIZZA in response to 9/11

PIZZA in response to 9/11
Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta

Today is exactly 12 years of horrific events in the world, 9/11 the attack on the World Trade Center that killed 3,000 ordinary citizens of different nations, who w
ere in the building in New York City including the passengers in the two planes.

9/11 stands to explain as of September 9 and 11 for the call date. This is the way of writing the date in the United States.  But the 911 also is a special telephone number for emergencies that apply to the entire states.  For me, it feels like a really funny that the 911 resembles to the emergency call in the United States. I was transfixed. Hmmm..!   Even if there was a fire accident and an emergency that causes pain to  require an ambulance, residents can dial 911 for help

Only now after the many times I visited ground zero in New York City, the place where the World Trade Center buildings collapsed embedded in the earth, I am aware of the meaning of the 911 events.


Sept. 11 anniversary memorial shows a hole where skyscrapers former World Trade Center were buried. It was taken in my last trip in August 14, 2013

911 is a pathetic tragedy because human lives wasted. Ordinary citizens are victimizing to pay the foreign policy of the United States that cause horror in the shadow of suicide bombers who use the plane as a bomb. 911 tragedy has raised the pros and cons as the reaction of the various nations. Criticism to the perpetrators of so-called terrorists flowing from various nations to the United States who are grieving. Since there was already a lot of anti- terrorist war by the United States to pursue their so-called " terrorists ". America to attack Afghanistan, Iraq and many other places that are considered terrorist childbirth is still underway.
As the war continues, civilians are the victims. The question arises whether the war resolve a problem called "terrorists"? Moreover, international law also did not work well because the attack done without any court Rule that says a country could help other countries including the sending of military forces if there is the demand of the country was not functioning. 

In this case, the United States has conducted several attacks to kill his political opponents in other countries because of alleged use of chemical weapons. War sides with the rich and powerful. The situation looks even worse for democracy when civil war broke out between the citizens of a nation. As seen in Egypt now, the military killed protesters who defended the elected President, Mohammad Morsi that resulted in violence by burning at the churches from minority groups,  Christians as inisiated by Muslim Brotherhood.

This incident reminds me of the movement of 3011 in 1965 to call in Indonesian “Gerakan Tiga Puluh September 1965” in which causes tension between the civilian killers 1965-1966, people killed because of different ideologies. Blood kosher communist party followers to cut off when the countrypeople are murdered.

Conflict does not only affect the global level of international relations between states but also the relationship between fellow citizens in a country as seen in the conflict in Ambon, Maluku, Indonesia. By the time the United States was celebrating a decade of September 11, 2011, in the city of Ambon, Maluccas, Indonesia where religious-political-based conflict occured for several years after the Reform Movement in Indonesia. The outbreak of this conflict in some circles connected by Maluku to the Sept. 11 terorist attacks in the United States. Society described by the term Sabili to demonstrate to the Muslims and crusaders for the believing Christian cross. (Adeney-Risakotta, 2013).

911 is the sign of a crisis as it is known by all residents in the United States. When someone dialed 911 emergency situation exists which must be done immediately. Political state of the world today, after 12 years still has not changed  even if the alarm has been ringing 911 crisis shows no sign of arriving

This is where the role of civilians in the world to stop the war that is controlled by the rulers and the rich at the expense of ordinary civilians. Citizens of the world need to understand how to not get caught up in the chaos of
war under. The panic of war can cause good people become killers because they have to do is cruel to protect themselves. Past experiences of violence in Maluku Province in the eastern part of Indonesia into glass for reminding me about the vulnerabilities that exist in the human condition. Individuals will disappear but the nations continue to live. The new generation brings remembered from the past so that the cycle of violence will continue circling that  they believed should happen in retaliation for past events that have not paid off. 

Facing the psychological dynamics of war and remember who inherited should encourage us to do something that is reaching wider spaces that allow ordinary citizens to build trust in one another.

On this day, when the vibration signal skyscraper ruins of the World Trade Center came in around the globe, 911 serve as a warning to the world. It's enough civilians become victims of violence in the name of the country is very powerful.

In today world's crisis, I decided to release a given title PIZZA blog. PIZZA is the current world food, as popularized by PIZZA HUT to various parts of the world. Product of globalization with the payment of fees for the management of brand / patent, PIZZA HUT can be managed by anyone in the entire world.  PIZZA HUT is managed by local people.

PIZZA is a worldwide movement to provide preparation for the citizens of the world so that when the alarm signal goes off, people have the capacity to cope with crisis without panic. Panic can cause people to either become their most will regret the violence of war involving them. When people eat PIZZA they are also well prepared to understand the new meaning of PIZZA. I give the meaning PIZZA
by taking out each letter as P stands for Peace, I stands for Incredible, Z stans for Zoom, Z stands for Zone and  A stands for Authenticity.

When there are so PIZZA peace can be made with a wonderful flavor and delicious. Peace be very important prerequisite can not be postponed again. Peace into perspective and lifestyle in decisions relating to other people. When peace was approached in detail will look different forms of expression and an attempt to reach out to fellow human beings live  in harmony. Increasingly widespread practice applied to build a democratic peace in the society, the real zone of peace should be respected because of the trust that has been built in the communities. The uniqueness and authenticity of peacemaking will be a shield to resist outside pressure speed is willing to disrupt the harmony and peace of the world. 

PIZZA is not just a concept, but the beginning of practice leading to the change in the reflection of collective action in building public life starting from the lowest level of local, regional, national and international. PIZZA is an action to change the world into a more just, peaceful and prosperous evenly .

Boston,  911 2013
Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta











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