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Outlining Justice and the Law. Installation of Democracy, the head of the snake and the bird's head guard Pancasila and the NKRI

Outlining Justice and the Law
Installation of Democracy , the head of the snake and the bird 's head guard Pancasila and the NKRI

By Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta

I have
promised to continue writing about the relevance of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Human Rights in Papua . Since I published the first part of Nelson Mandela , I have just started to write again . Last weekend I helped families to prepare for Christmas , even  I can only give them my little help , but I'm happy . Then last Monday , we had pak and Todung Mulya Lubis and Akhmad Sahal had a dinner with us. Pak Todung Mulya Lubis is a famous Indonesian lawyer , whose work on Human Rights I read when I was studying theology in the 1980s .  Pak Akhmad Sahal, a young generation, who is  writing his dissertation on the discourse of the nation-state for the settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict . Both of them are the fellows of Ash Program at Harvard Kennedy School . My husband set up home with very beautiful. He found an evergreen tree as tall as the ceiling of our living room which is now decorated beautiful for Christmas even we are going to Berkeley, California for our family’s Christmas. For the dinner, Hanna was the cook. I mad petti ​​croisants for appetizer.

Now I want to write first about justice and the law before discussing about the TRC which stands for Truth and Reconciliation Commision.  My reason to review first with justice and law, because of my deep thoughts on this topic that brought me to visualize it into my art work exhibited last May 2013 at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, Indonesia. 

11 National Law Satire was the theme I chose to name my wire art work.  I have never been explained in the narrative on this 11 wire art even I have used some of their pictures for explaining separately in my other writings.  During the art exhibition, I explained to people who wanted to know deeply what is my thoughts on the displays. In Indonesia , and everywhere in the world , the law is a system that has the power to administer justice. What is justice, first of all that should be discussed?

In my exhibition, justice as an abstract concept that can only be understood when it is done. But as an artist, when I express justice, I see it not as a describtion on using the scale to symbloze fairness as explained philosophically.  Justice in Indonesian is “adil” which roots in an Arabic to refer to the Islamic concept on equality.  In the Judeo- Christian tradition, the word of justice relates to the act of giving alms to those in need. Justice settles down in the act of love.

Definition of justice as described in the western philosophical understanding merges with the law. Justice is not separated from the conduct of law symbolized a woman, the goddess of justice. Her right hand holds a sword as a sign of the existence of the power to compel justice to imply. Secondly, her other hand holds the scales as a sign of balance. Thirdly, the eyes of the goddess of justice are wrapped as a sign that the administration of justice does justice without favoristms. Justice is done indiscriminately.

I once wrote about a therapist designer of the Ventura County Medical Center who visited me in the room to measure my body when it was preparing a body brace which I still use till the T - 11 and L - 4 really recovered. As I recall, only six month ago, the same the body of mine was used as a model to get the size for one of the works of 11 national law satire. It was used to make the wire art statue that I call “Penari Keadilan” ( Dancer  of Justice). I put a glue connecting newspaper on the floor of our living room in our home in Yogyakarta where I lied down to have my assitants to measure my body’s detail size to make a pattern for the statue. 

Penari Keadilan (Dancer of justice ) was the title I gave to the statue actually mend to me about the views and practices of humankinds who do justice. Described as a dancer, a female dancer, justice is done, as if the beauty of the dance. Humankind does the exchange so that the power sharing flows like a dance. Justice is balance, fairness, eligibility. Justice is supposed ideals, actually happens.  Someone actually born with the right to be treated appropriately, otherwise also treat others properly. We are no respecter of justice at the time , because true justice is done to others will also be returned to us.

Justice in the artwork, Penari Keadilan " Dancer Justice " does not have eyes . Her whole body is justice , so that everywhere from her bodyment appear as eye which witness justice carried out and reflects the justice received. In the interpretation of the goddess of justice referring in the western symbol of justice, her eyes closed so as not to take sides. Penari Keadilan on the artwork Justice , the dancer does no  eyes that  means she does not have the option of simply siding with certain people. It shows also that what she does inner and outer sides are the same. She does not have two from of faces, the front and the back in doing justice. She also has mirrors on her hand at back and front parts. Her inner and outside heart appearing on mirrors. These mirrors  reflect  justice done by we as well as by other to us. We could see justice to be done when others reflect justice that emanated from what they have gotten. 

Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice) wears shawl that cycles the body around without breaking like waves that surround encouraged her to continue past the ups and downs of doing justice. Justice is balance. Justice does not appear in abundance in the middle of someone else in need.  Justice is always looking for ways to balance so as to produce harmony in motion. Penari Kehidupan (Dancer of Justice) use the cloak of justice with peace sign at the very end of her skirt . Peace sign rotates around the skirt. The fruit of justice is peace that provides balance. Peace spreads inward from Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice)  at once to the outside herself  to the entire universe. That is, justice that has never stopped at the individual level, justice is an attempt to move others , to build a system that allows anyone could tell the non-fulfillment of justice efforts .

Dancer of Justice
Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice) holds equity interest which is part of the beauty that is always to be renewed.  Fresh flowers that exist throughout the body as part of the shawl can serve to protect , embrace , a sign of closeness , warmth. In the body of Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice), the body , are all heart , soul and mind all at once . Justice cannot be separated , but are part of the consideration by the intellect , of the objectivity of right and wrong , falsehood , with a spirit to feel on a mental level and with a heart to be grateful for . Justice should continue to be trained as Penari Keadilan, Dancer of Justice to become skilled, deft and beautiful in dance. Justice has in herself the values ​​of life so that a person can feel touched , grateful and quiet to be able to arrive at peace.

But if this explanation is sufficient to explain the law?

Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice) was one of  11 the National Law Satire. What causes Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice) classified in 11 National Law Satire? If Penari Kehidupan (Dancer of Justice) as an ideal value and achievement as described materialize, then why should be included as part of the 11 National Law Satire?

Sit its together is to show that the Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice) has tickled  Indonesian national law . Humankind has hope in the application of law.  Law enforcement is an effort to preserve justice as seen in Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice)  Maybe the laws in Indonesia , there are many deviations but dancers justice as conscience will always help people live peacefully.
Law is a system, but is it possible there is still justice in the law ?

Often the law is released from the goddess of justice, taken alone scales. In fact the whole spirit of the law is Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice) as the  wholeness, a holistic existence.  I began to reflect on the law where justice is done on earth Indonesia. At the time of execution of the exhibition, when the door of the Bentara Budaya on entering to the exhibition hall directly visitors to encouter with the first wire art that was " Installation of Democracy " . This work I put on the antique marble table provide by Bentara Budaya to show on Indonesian roots in the history of civilization itself. Installation work of democracy is that the cut pieces of wire forming islands in Indonesia. I made the islands following the design of the Indonesian map which used as a pattern for me to apply on the wire nets. This wire net in Indonesia is used to make a layer on window or door as mosquito net.  Cutting was done such ways unifying Indonesian islands interlocking seas

Starting from the west , the island of Sumatra  down to Java to, Bali to Nusa Tenggara to bent right on  Papua to go left down little bit to  Maluku Islands up to North Maluku  to  Sulawesi and Kalimantan . Visualization islands allowed me to cut shapes that are only large islands . Each island has a strong character to vibrate my fingers when I finished each piece while looking at the forms that I never thoughts before. For example , the very top of the island of Sumatra, where Aceh is the provincial territory , appears in the work of such a wire as the head of the snake.

I put the pieces of the islands in the maze format . Pieces islands circled around the monument of democracy in the middle which is Pancasila as the highest law in Indonesia . I was very surprised when I realized that the snake 's head as a form of visualization held meeting with the head of a bird . Bird's head is the shape of a map of the island of Papua, where is the western part of West Papua from Indonesia. Indonesia's democratic journey like a maze.  Pancasila is the goal of  the Indonesian nation state, but Pancasila also continue to be tested in the administration of the Indonesian state. I was blown away and grateful that the universe allow Indonesia has a snake head and a bird 's head to hold our nation unity. 

This depth visualization talk about the courage of the head of a snake and a bird 's head in Indonesia to remind all the time about  the ideals of Pancasila democracy. Pancasila as the basic principles of the state contains the values ​​of justice are inseparable from the values ​​of divinity , civilized humanity , the unity of Indonesia , representatives and deliberation  to achieve social justice for all people to appears in logical stages. Pancasila is the most highest installation of democracy in my country, Indonesia.  Pancasila lies down the State legal order in the country . When the law does not go well, the snake's head and the head of the bird would peck will continue screaming. So Indonesia shoul thank the snake's head and the head of the bird to actually keep the loyalty to Pancasila and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia. Aceh is the snake's head and the head of the bird is Papua. Aceh and Papua is a test of democracy in Indonesia.

                                                               Instalation of Democracy

                                          Instalation of Democracy is being around by visitors

Along with Penari Keadilan (Dancer of Justice) and Instalasi Demokrasi (Instatlion of Democracy) , 9 other art works were

          1.      Payung hukum (umbrella of law)
2.      Mafia hukum (mafia of law)
3.      Bumi torang terbelang (our earth is breaking)
4.      Pencari Fakta (The search of evidence)
5.      Sangkar Perundangan ( The bird cage of regulation)
6.      Hukum Rimba (Jungle of Law)
7.      Cermin Hukum (Mirror of Law)
8.      Pukat Koruptor (The fish trap of corruptor)
9.      Negara Buku (State like a book)
I will explain this later the nine pieces of art works mentioning above. While now the visualization images  of all artworks can be seen on pinterest, on my other separated writings or from the other mass media on the reports during the exhition last May 2013. 


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