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Papua as Indonesian political belle 2013

Papua as Indonesian political belle 2013
By Farsijana Adeney - Risakotta

Rarely imagin
ing somebody is called Papua. Sometimes the word, Papua is used as chatter that tends to rebuke discriminatory nature. Hahaha , but it is very salable because MOP Papua Papua uniqueness . MOP Papua is the technical word to refer to funny on how people of Papua express their feeling of happiness (Adeney-Risakotta, 2013). Under pressure because of the injustice that is happening in Papua, Papuans can still be funny.  The way Papuan express their prank, it is MOP Papuans. This is the characteristics of the Papuans.

2013 is critical for
Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua because Papua could be equal in the name of self- Palestinian struggle for justice . To contemplate Christmas I wrote an article comparing the appreciation of the people of Palestine and the people of Papua to continue their struggle to gain the power of Jesus Christ .

The struggle for justice and peace enforcement Papua continues to flow like a river filled with swift weighs volume of rain in a year . The more injustice happening with more and more Papuans Indonesian people called to ask the Indonesian government is responsible for the ongoing violence in Papua .
At the end of the year , which seized the attention of future violence
has been decreasing .


But the decline of military force does not in itself eliminate fear in the people of Papua . Currently there are about one hundred Papuans who are in prison awaiting trial . While the trial has been set up more than 50 people with legal prisons with 10 to 20 years . This report was compiled by Papua Behind Bars , namely non-governmental organizations of indigenous Papuans who provide monthly reports on arrests and jail of Papuans .

ing the year 2013 with no enforcement action for justice and peace are the responsibility of the Indonesian government , it is very unfortunate . Papua is Indonesia's current political belle . I call a " primadonna " because of political issues related to justice and peace in the unity of Indonesia that straighten Papuan history that has not been resolved by the Indonesian government .

The death of Nelson Mandela
might inspire Indonesian to to revisit her state of moral obligation to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission . Although the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has been abolished after the formation of protes from people who ask the Constitutional Court to review, but Papua and Aceh still have legal basis to ask the government to facilitate the establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission .

I have written about Papua since out of the hospital , and I will continue to write until justice and truth upheld in Papua . Today I decided to start painting on Papua . In 2013 , when exhibitions and art blog
on Indonesiaku Indonesiamu Indonesia untuk semua at Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta, I created two art works related to Papua that were " Bumi Torang Terbelah" and " Law of the Jungle " .

Today I painted the Papuans whose bodies were chained with white curly hair. The body is red from the cry for the injustice they experienced . Papuans living in the fertile soil surrounded by a sea of blue deep . It used to be the same as the other areas of Papua in Indonesia are isolated, now in Papua , even if there is no smooth road , but all the Papuans know using the internet . Papuans, together with fellow citizens and citizens of other world have been networked  to strengthen the struggle to be heart by the Indonesian government for revealing of justice and peace in Papua .

Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua is now one and a half year old . In the toddler age , Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua to continue the spread of education on Papuan issues of conflict resolution and efforts to fellow citizens of Indonesia to walk on justice and peace in Papua. Currently by the end of  2013 , there were 781 people who gave thumbs up as a sign of love and support at the same time struggle to encourage the Indonesian government for justice and peace in Papua .  The people of 781 who are the supporters of the Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua,  according to statistics from Google consists of as much as 36 % of women and 64% of men who are not directly my friends from Facebook . While the calculations on my network of Facebook is said to support the women and men ranging from 46 % about 54 % . That is among the supporters of the Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua, about 10 % of men support no direct relationship with the online friendship that actually demonstrate their commitment seriously on issues of justice and peace enforcement in Papua . While approximately 10 % of support among women has a direct relationship with a network of friendship  in Facebook .

Both those who are in a network of friends on Facebook or not , it turns out the proponents of Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua from Indonesia as many ( 737 persons ) , 12 the United States , Malaysia as many as 7 people , 5 people Netherlands , Germany by 4 people , Singapore by 2 people , 2 people as Canadians , Norway and Japan as much as 1 by 1 person .

Through this article , I would like to thank the supporters of
Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua as I described above . In a separate article I also have to thank Google which has supported the expansion of the peace movement . I would also like to thank to bung  Nano Apituley who together with me also as moderator of Petisi Warganegara NKRI untuk Papua.  Our hope along with you all, learning from this year expriences,  will escort the Indonesian government policy continued to uphold justice and peace in Papua. If it is going to be the homework of Indonesian government, therefore it should be fulfilled it in the next year, 2014.

Happy New Year 2014, the coming years are now in the spirit to continue the journey that had begun to arrive at the planned destination , which is peace for all the children of Indonesia . Stay strong and vibrant in the joy of Papua MOP releases in 2013 and 2014 to continue shipping authority . God along with us all .


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